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Michael ShultsEveryone Deserves an Equal Chance at Happiness.

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Holy Cross College was founded in 1966 as a Catholic, residential, coed, four-year institution of higher learning, offering an applied liberal arts curriculum. It continues to be ran by the Holy Cross Brothers who take vows of suffering as a way to more creative and intimately serve the mission. Holy Cross applies the tools of Liberal Arts to further educate its students

Welcome to Michael's Efolio

Hello my name is Michael Shults and I am a graduating senior from Holy Cross College in South Bend, Indiana.  I was born in Gaithersburg Maryland, and lived thier all my life till I came to school out here in 2004.  I am graduating with a bachelor's degree in English and hope to acquire a secondary teaching degree so that I may become a highschool teacher.  Holy Cross has offered me the skills and experience to become an effective teacher that can make a difference in the World. 

Everyone deserves an equal chance at happiness

I choose to revolve my Efolio around the theme of allowing everysingle person the oppertunity to be happy.  Happiness is defined as a feeling or emotion of joy or pleasure, but I see it as so much more than that.  I see happiness as the oppertunity to do what you love, no matter who you are.  Through my experineces at Holy Cross I have learned that thier are plenty of innocent people who unwillingly are not able to pursue thier dreams and acheive thier goals.  Especially through my internship at the Robinson Community Learning Center and The Refugee Awareness Seminar, I am now more aware of the problems in the World today, and it has opened my eyes to realize that I am the one who wants to help fix it.

bulletMichael Shults

Michael Shults
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